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Successful comedians display symptoms of psychosis, study says: Unusual personalities 'connect random thoughts' and impulsive, irrational minds can create best comedy, research suggests

Greg Giraldo died 3 years ago yesterday. Time flies

Stephen Colbert at age 22

Comedian Bob Hope entertains sailors of the U.S. 6th Fleet Saratoga at the flagship's anchorage in the southern Italian port of Gaeta, in this Dec. 19, 1970 file photo. Hope is on his annual United Service Organizations (USO) tour to entertain Americans serving overseas.

Comedy clubs are 'architects of their own destruction'

Gloucester comedian credits local club for start

Funny or Die presents ODDBALL Comedy & Curiousity Festival featuring DAVE CHAPPELLE, FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS & many more! Yes. Yes so hard

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Jim Gaffigan Is the King of (Clean) Comedy Tracking the Decline of Civilization: Jim Gaffigan has nothing against crudeness and curse words—he just happened to vault to success without them. How top comics feel about working clean in an ever-dirtier world. A few key moments in the rise of blue comedy

Arrested Development Movie starts filming!!!!!!!!

53 things you probably didn't notice about Arrested Development

Sounds about right

Love it

Comedy Club Owner Says Daniel Tosh Incident Has Been Misunderstood

The Daily Show comes to Richmond's Baja Bean Company, one of my favorite bars in Richmond!

New documentary about comedy. Really dark, not usually a fan of dark comedy, but it should still be interesting

Typically what we do

Came up in comedy with this guy. Check him out, he's just plain hilarious!

I want my town to have a sign like this. Or at least my yard

Support live comedy, where ever you live. When I started, there were two comedy clubs in Richmond, now there are more than a dozen shows in Richmond per month, not even including improv.