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    "So smart!!! The cardboard carton is easy to light with a match and then the charcoal starts too!! Perfect for bringing camping or starting a fire pit for smores! Storage, transporting and ease of starting...Perfect!!"

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    Make Your Own Firestarters

    Best fire starter ever from recycled materials!

    It's like cheating-- but just freaking awesome. How to make a tent air conditioner for under $20

    Make toothpaste dots. Spread them out on a plate, let them dry for 2-3 days, and then sprinkle baking soda over them. Once they dry, just pop them into a resealable plastic bag. -Camping Hacks

    Emergency Toilet for Camping. Save yourself the long midnight hike to the bathroom with "The 'I did go before I went to bed, but I have to go again' 5-yr old."

    Here is a classic 'why didn't I think of that?' situation! To keep food dry but still cool - place a baking rack in between the ice and the food! Try it out in #outdoors #camping

    Don’t own a grill? This camping grill is a more inexpensive way to have a BBQ. | 32 Cheap And Easy Backyard Ideas That Are Borderline Genius

    Another Make Your Own Mosquito Repellent - Homemade Bug Spray that is EASY and WORKS! - Camping and Trailer Living

    Pine Cone Fire Starters tutorial~great for starting campfires!

    Black Drawing Salve from Homespun Apothecary. Perfect for small infections, bug bites, stings, splinter removal and even boils.

    [[start tab]] Square modern fire pit with rust patina, fire pit, square fire pit, square firepit, fire pit

    Game Kit - Smart way to store some fun for the adventuring. Pack of cards, some dice, pad of paper, and a pencil in an altoids can.

    Ornament! I want it!

    Camping tip- Keep your cooler cold: fill a gallon milk jug with water and 1/4 c salt. Freeze. Pack into your cooler and it acts as an ice block that won't melt all over your food!

    Simple Cheap Air Conditioner that's perfect when tent camping in summer and you want to cool down!!

    Simple Easy (Walmart camping) Privacy Curtains for your car! And for Shade for the baby! No more rolling up a blanket in the window!! Why did I never know about this??!!

    Great camping idea! Make the trip to the showers a little easier, toiletries on a lanyard. Easy to carry, easy to hang.

    Great for a Car Safety & Survival Kit!The Uber Match is simple to make, highly water and wind resistant. Uses 4 matches, cotton, and wax. Starts camp fires easier with larger flame that lasts a few minutes!

    (?) A camping pantry. Everything is easy to access and Then close the hatch at night to keep the critters out of the food. Such a great idea.

    Toothpaste Dots for camping. Lay out foil sheet or parchment and make rows of dollops of toothpaste. Allow to dry for 2-4 days. Sprinkle baking soda on top to keep from sticking. Repackage in small bags. To use simple pop one dot in your mouth, chew, then add a small amount of water in your mouth and start brushing. This tip reduces weight in your pack. sooo going to come in handy!