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Unless it is mad passionate extraordinary love it is a waste of time. There are too many mediocre things in life. Love should not be one of them. Well said.

re writing the quote through word document and adding a picture in BW <3 cant wait to get this done and see it on the wall! | best stuff

Every once in a while, in the middle of an ordinary life, Love gives us a Fairytale. I love my fairy tale husband

Completely thought that anyone who thought this was nuts.... Until I witnessed it yesterday. #thispinspeakstruth

Truth -- seeing my husband play with our kids, is the most attractive thing EVER.

I need this sing in my house.

Just because I'm busy doesn't mean I don't love you! Need people to remember this at this time in my life!

The Dating Files: kissing

The Dating Files: kissing

Gone with the wind. (Best book and movie ever! Plus I've got someone to kiss me often and knows how)


Be who you say you are so consistently that I can't doubt you.

People say this, but are so quick to give up. If both people are willing to try, if the love means enough....they will work through anything. People make mistakes, you except them for everything they are. You promised me this.

Divorce will not be an option unless if I'm in danger and/or my future kids if I have any. My future husband and I will work things out and we will not take the easy way out.