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Paolo Roversi digital photography art (or as i enjoyed calling it as a kid "trick photography")

Paolo Roversi - Book Libretto - Juin 2000 by naezdok, via Flickr

Paolo Roversi - "Bewitched" W 12/2005

Paolo Roversi - Book Libretto - Juin 2000 by naezdok, via Flickr

Take the hand of the petite beauty, and tell her that you are returning her to sacred ground.

spring-summer 1999, ann demeulemeester photography paolo roversi

Paolo Roversi, Italian (1947-Present), Fashion Photographer, uses large-format Polaroid, and a preference for the studio, work work reflects more of nineteenth century than contemporary fashion

Lucie de la Falaise photographed by Paolo Roversi, 1990s.

via an abundance of blogspot the caption elegant, you were born at night sewn by soft hands oh the softest hands born in solitude born of painted eyes painted eyes that always looked to the sky oh those eyes oh those eyes they saw forever

Marpessa, may be the most sensible woman in Greek mythology. Even though she was kidnapped by Idas and was loved by Apollo, when Zeus made her choose between them, and she chose Idas on the grounds that Apollo, being immortal, would tire of her when she grew old. Smart!!! She managed to not end up a tree, flower, constellation or dead - the usual fate of anyone who caught Apollo's eye.