- Pure Innocence by Rishit Temkar

Anton Jankovoy, pure joy Things I love - real life expression, unmarred by human touch up, clean up....

pure joy :-)

by "A / R" at photosight.ru

let's be young and alive


shared laughter


Omg, bless little miracles!

This picture would be a great way for kids to compare what they find about this little girl to their own lives. How are they the same or different?

"Je suis sûr qu'elle a dansé nue sous la pleine lune, elle est d'autant plus beau de l'avoir fait. C'est là .. dans son sourire, et dans ses yeux. Une vie bien vécue .." #Joy #Joie #Sourire #Smile

She's so beautiful

Back atcha! Pure happiness!

untitled photo by Helen Levitt, NY 1940 - pure joy!


Children of Burma

dance like no one is watcing...


Cute baby wrap