Frank Brangwyn (1867-1956) Study for “British Empire Panels”, The Guildhall, Swamsea, 1925 Unique gelatin silver print.

British Empire Exhibition 1924 stamp design.

Frank Brangwyn -Study for British Empire Panels, The Guildhall, Swansea, 1925, Unique gelatin silver print, Painter’s grid marks in pencil and paint on recto, 8 1/4 x 6 3/8" P.O.R.

Study for The British Empire Panels, 1925, by Frank Brangwyn. Silver gelatin print, ink grid on recto and sketch on verso, Frank Brangwyn was born in 1867 in Belgium, returned to London in 1875, was employed briefly in William Morris’s workshop around 1882-84 and first exhibitied at the Royal Academy in 1885. He later went on to enjoy international success as a printmaker, illustrator, furniture designer and world renowned muralist. Via Paul Cava.

to be a child again

Martin Parr- classic capturing British seaside moments

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Cara a cara. 'Face to Face' Niko Guido

Romantic Beauty

Vintage photo

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E.O. Hoppé Fishermen, Hamburg, 1925

A soldier of the British Expeditionary Force returns home, 1940 Photo: Ginger Stanley.

New York Umbrellas

Jean Louis Marie Eugene Durieu, Draped Model, Albumen silver print, 1854

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Sebastião Salgado

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