Emphasis. the focal point of the picture (the hands and eyes). we are immediately drawn to these points. Another point of emphasis is the contrast of light and shade of the image.

"Look Young" | Photographer: Julija Jankelaityte, 2012. Additional Information: Original in Color.

tears drop trough my face when i think about you

Trapped ~La TribU

Brooklyn Bridge 1914

By Amanda Parker

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(old love is sweet love)

Me and me....

Tearful eye

♂ Black and white eye Thoughts…

Faces by Unknown

this is just cool. creepy, beautiful, dark.

Take my face by Aidan Photograffeuse



Outstanding Conceptual & Emotive Photography by Katarzyna Dembrowska



Colors: Black and white, ties in with the metaphor of the yin yang sign. This picture shows someone realizing something, just as in our story line where the characters realize that rejection doesn't define them.