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He walked around Pioneer Square in Portland holding his carnations like they were his dreams - HomeLess, HomeLessNess, Sans Abris, Poverty, Pobreza, Pauvreté, Povertà, Hopeless, JobLess, бідність, Social Issues, Awareness

This beautiful Rembrandt portrait is lit with a soft one light source with vignette background. I was drawn to this image because of its innocent painter like style. Photograph Ksenia by Paul Apal'kin on 500px

Asturias, Spain, 1950s. .- #biancoenero #grandifotografi #blackandwhite #thegreatphotographers

Thomas Tham. It is amazing to me, that this child can smile with the turmoil around her. She picks up a wired conduit to be used as her new found toy. She smiles. She plays. She is a child. Not knowing the world around her disintegrates. Or maybe she does know.

Bruno Barbey - "Most of the time I take photographs to document for posterity, traditions and cultures rapidly vanishing as a result of changing consumer attitudes.”