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He walked around Pioneer Square in Portland holding his carnations like they were his dreams - HomeLess, HomeLessNess, Sans Abris, Poverty, Pobreza, Pauvreté, Povertà, Hopeless, JobLess, бідність, Social Issues, Awareness

This beautiful Rembrandt portrait is lit with a soft one light source with vignette background. I was drawn to this image because of its innocent painter like style. Photograph Ksenia by Paul Apal'kin on 500px

Vintage photo of a very little boy, hefting a small accordion, singing with every ounce of gusto he possesses. <> I just love this.

Children of the Dust. Lugging bricks, inhaling clay dust, India’s untouchable boys trade their health for pittance in primitive brickyards. With no future besides work, they are victims of a society too poor to enforce child labour laws. by Eric Valli. United States citizens, we are so blessed. My heart goes out to the Christian and poor.

Help! Please stop turning your back on these suffering people and do something to help!! We will all be judged by what we did and didn't do in this life. If you wont't show compassion to others, at least fear God!

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Language of Looking

Homeless child, Croatia

Famine and poverty should not exists nowadays, I come from Mexico and traveled for 23 years the world, I know about these facts and witnessed them, wake up world to life and do something in your daily life, even a taught and sending life energy to these people will help,

I'm crying and ask the people in the world. .... WHY??? We send people the moon.We break record after record. But we can't help lost and homeless children? WE MUST SHAME OURSELVES ~ Maria B_v_G