cut-out, collaged portraits by Lucas Chimello Simões



Antonio Mora

Freudenthal/Verhagen photography


Antonio Mora

Woven Portraits by David Samuel Stern


lucas simoes

Lost fragments- Failed memories on Behance

Ripped Photo

Justine Khamara

Nick Gentry

Le DADAISME : Principaux artistes, thématiques, techniques utilisées... Dossier du Centre G. Pompidou sur ce mouvement. (CLIQUER 2 fois sur l'image pour y accéder )

Renard by Charlotte Caron

Lucas Simões is an mixed media artist from São Paulo that creates hand cut geometrical portraits through ten layers of photographs

ERIN CASE Lovely and interesting collages by Michigan artist Erin Case. Most of Erin’s collages are hand-cut the old fashion way, but a few of these images are from a digital collage collaboration she is working on with Andrew Tamlyn.