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What is a shepherd’s sling:   A sling is a crude weapon made up simply of two strings with a pocket or pouch in the middle. It almost looks like a child’s toy though in the right hands with a lot of practice, it can be a highly effective...

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How to make a shepherds sling.../ We made many of these as kids. They can be truly accurate and dangerous, when one has become proficient user. And they are highly lethal when one has a year or more of weekly practice. But, hey, we were just kids tossing stones. Of course, we were told not to kill anything except soda/beer cans and bottles.

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How to Sharpen Knives I've got one of these things.... Finally some instructions how to use it!

There are many other ways to tie and uses for a Shemagh examples are: Dust Protection • Sun Protection • Towel• Warmth • Bag • Sarong • Sweat Rag • Arm Sling • Emergency Bandage • Pillow • Weapon Twist a big rock up in the middle, and you have an instant self-defense tool! • Concealment • Rope • Water Filter Fold up multiple times and filter debris out of water before boiling.• Keeping Cool. Soak in cold water and wrap around your neck• Signal Flag • Blanket • Pot Holder • Eye Mask.

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Seal a Gunshot Wound in 15 Seconds.

Last year, Off the Grid News put out their first volume of The Big Book of Off the Grid Secrets and it was a wonderful success. As our readers know, Off the Grid News has been leading the way in hard-hitting news, practical help, and time-saving tips for getting "off the grid." Daily articles in their newsletter and on their website run the gamut from gardening to hunting,

New skills for survival : How to Make a Solar Still. Make your own distilled water from stream or lake water, salt water, or even brackish, dirty water, using these DIY Solar Still plans http://newskillsforsurvival.blogspot.com/2012/12/how-to-make-solar-still-make-your-own.html

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Leather Slings

never heard of this kind of trap before. Survivorman, I'm disappointed!

heat your home in an emergency

This is THE BEST slingshot I've ever used (Hathcock Sniper) in my life. I always take it camping to practice target shooting for fun. It's not only made well, but it feels great to shoot and with enough practice you can get real good fast. I have better aim with this at 40' than my brother does with a pistol. (Pocket Predator Hathcock Sniper Sling Shot) [outdoor]