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  • Thomas Newberg

    What is a shepherd’s sling:   A sling is a crude weapon made up simply of two strings with a pocket or pouch in the middle. It almost looks like a child’s toy though in the right hands with a lot of practice, it can be a highly effective...

  • Eva Varga

    How to make a shepherds sling

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How to make a shepherds sling.../ We made many of these as kids. They can be truly accurate and dangerous, when one has become proficient user. And they are highly lethal when one has a year or more of weekly practice. But, hey, we were just kids tossing stones. Of course, we were told not to kill anything except soda/beer cans and bottles.

HANDMADE Leather Pouch Shepherd Sling (Old-Fashioned Sling Shot) made by David the Shepherd on Etsy, $14.99

T. J. Potter, Sling Maker - How to make a Braided and Woven Shepherd's Sling

550 Paracord Sling. Its not a DIY but it's also not that expensive and if you are already handy with knots and paracord, you could make this by studying the patterns.

How to make a rock sling, couldn't get to website, but the picture tells it all.

Wooden Slingshot Catapult Hand Made & Vintage by giftgogreen on Etsy $5.90

rock sling accurately - It's not the "rock clinging" that bothers me as much as the vast collection of weapons and somewhat vague thought process -

The Sling Video..He tells how to make a sling and how to start throwing with it.