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Shepherd's Sling

How to make a shepherds sling.../ We made many of these as kids. They can be truly accurate and dangerous, when one has become proficient user. And they are highly lethal when one has a year or more of weekly practice. But, hey, we were just kids tossing stones. Of course, we were told not to kill anything except soda/beer cans and bottles.

The sling is possibly mankind's oldest projectile weapons. It can be made with a piece of leather and some cord, and launch stones, ball bearings, musket balls at great velocity and with great accuracy. It is both powerful and silent, and with practice could be used for small game hunting, to protect herds or flocks from predators, or in a pinch, for self defense. Making Slings - By Chris Henry (Aka Paleoarts) in Misc. Primitive Weapons Tutorial Section Forum

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550 paracord camera strap/rifle sling 80 feet of 550 lb test parachute cord that is conveniently braided until you need it. I want this because of reasons.

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Zombie-Safe Oil Silo Home

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Compact, lightweight and silent, the slingbow is the perfect survival weapon. It can be used for hunting, home and self defense and sport, as there are slingbow clubs in almost every city in America already! Here's how you can make yours for under $20 http://conspiracy-watch.org/how-to-turn-wristrocket-singshot-into-deadly-slingbow/

If you have ever wondered how to make homemade smoke grenades then you have come to the right place. Here you will find a safe method for creating...

Leather Slings: Ever since I heard the story of David and Goliath I have been fascinated but I think no one combines the old leather with the new paracord like Slingmoore. I have a sling from them and I enjoy the look, feel and especially the performance. Just my opinion... not an ad. http://slingmoore.blogspot.com/

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Concealed Carry Holster - sports belt. Holds cell phone, keys, extra mags...

Sling Shot Bow and Arrow

DIY paracord rock sling

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The motherlode of sling designs and tutorials on slinging. there is now no excuse for not adding "slinging" as a skill badge to your prep actvities log. Slinging.org Forum - FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS and Tutorials

paracord rock sling - how to

Survival Bracelet (version 2). Features 21 different items to aid in an unexpected adventure, to include: fire steel, tinder, twine, ranger band, whistle, handcuff key, knife, saw, fishing gear, zip ties, water purifier, reflective tape, and about 15 ft of rope all packed into a comfortable bracelet that's on your wrist when you need it. Check out the pic to see it all.