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How many people do you know that climb frozen waterfalls? Badassary right here.

One of the most memorable moments of my life. I want to do it again and again and again

Frozen Waterfall!.....AMAZING!... (The Fang waterfall in Vail, Colorado, USA) ice climbing

Giethoorn, Netherlands. Where I'm going, I don't need roads......

Portaledge Camping, Yosemite, California. Photo by Corey Rich >> Insane!!!

Climbing rock formations in the remote Ennedi plateau in Central Chad Photo by Jimmy Chin/Barcroft Media

The best 50 cool scenery images, places and spots found on the web

When the rain falls in Germany, this drain system turns into a beautiful musical instrument. It’s called “The Funnel Wall” A beautiful way to celebrate nature.

This Church Tank by artist Chris Kuksi sort of sends a mixed message. Unless it's some sort of modern update on the Crusades, the church is generally a place of peace these days. But I guess that's exactly his point. (Link | Via)

I definitely wouldn’t have thought to try this one. It takes a special kind of person to look at an ice foundation such as a frozen waterfall or a mountain covered in ice and say, “Gee, I’d really like to climb that”. The cold, frigid truth is that people find a lot of adventure in this. I guess they’ve never heard of global warming.

Are you hindered by 'outdoor paranoia'?