to get your baby to sleep 8 hours through the night at 8 weeks and 12 hours at 12 weeks. Basically BabyWise but she breaks it down so you don't have to read the book.

Sleep train your baby in 7 days. Must read. Keeping this one in my back pocket for the future.

How to teach your baby to swim by themselves, an activity list for 6-12 month olds. Fun, gentle, and easy!

Baby hammock

♥ The Breastfed Baby - Breastfeeding benefits the newborn in the following areas: Immune system, Skin, Eyes, Higher IQ, Endocrine system, Ears, Mouth, Joints and muscles, Throat, Bowels, Urinary Tract, Appendix, Kidneys, Respiratory system, Digestive system, Heart and circulatory system. (read more)

Day 14: The Power Pump {31 Days of Making More Milk}

5 Baby Sleep Mistakes New Parents Make (And How To Fix Them)

Baby food for 6-9 months

Homemade baby food recipes!! Including ages to feed them to. Love this one.

The perfect gift! - Tieks Ballet Flats

Dying this is so sweet.

Weekly activities for baby's first year.

Sample One Day Menu for an 8 to 12 Month Old from the American Academy of Pediatrics

Pinned for family and friends with babies! flannel "sock" filled with rice. Nuke for 1 minute. Baby is convinced that the warm sock is a warm momma and sleep ensues for all. - They use these in the NICU.

New Baby Preparation Time Line. Best list ever. Makes me nervous since I went into preterm labor at 28 weeks last pregnancy. The Monday after my baby shower. Thankfully we were lucky enough to hold baby off for another few weeks but bed rest made getting prepared a challenge. Follow as a guideline but listen to your body or past experiences too

Feathers in Our Nest: 10 Tips for Establishing a Newborn Sleep Routine... Ok so I am NOT a Babywise person, but I have had trouble getting my kids to sleep through the night, like neither of them did until they were two. (That's two years, not two months) so I'm willing to do some research for new ideas. And I like that she said with her son she didn't have to let him cry it out because she started this routine from birth.

I did this with my oldest and have already started with my 5 month old. Potty Train Your Baby! :) you can do it!

Blooming Bath Baby Bath Tub...definetley getting one of these next time around instead of the big hard infant tubs!

How To Make Healing Postpartum Pads

My Top 10 Newborn Baby Sleep Tips - The Military Wife and Mom

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