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20 Uses for Flour (Besides Cooking)

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Experimenting on different types of flour. Tastes for breads: 1. Kalamata and olives. 2. Cocoa, banana, honey, cinamon teff flour. 3. Honey and cloves. * Try using yogurt to make the bread more moist. Try corn bread. Pancakes: soak flour before cooking in milk, make dough and leave it to sit, cook at medium heat (6-7/9) until bubble starts to appear, then the other side.

Gluten Free Flour Mix Ingredients 1 C white rice flour 1 C oat flour 1 C coconut flour 1 C tapioca flour/starch 1/4 C cornstarch 3 1/2 tsp. xantham gum Instructions Combine all ingredients together and make sure they are mixed well. Store in an airtight container and use as flour in any baking recipe. Copyright © YourHomeBasedMom

Grains & Flour For Bread Making. Types of Flour: {Baking Reference}

Bread Baking 101 – Types of flour and how to accurately measure flour

Mixing Different Types of Flours

Cake flour sub: Per 1 c. flour, remove 2 T. and replace with 2 T. corn starch. Sift 5x to aerate! via Joy The Baker: Baking 101

How to make your own self-rising flour.Ingredients1 cup all-purpose flour 1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder 1/4 teaspoon saltInstructionsMeasure all ingredients and whisk to combine. NotesMeasurements to equal each cup of self-rising flour.

What are the differences among the types of flour in the baking aisle?

This is a fantastically comprehensive article on the various types of Gluten Free flours to use in baking. The best I have seen.

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Here are 10 different uses for baking soda and vinegar together - All of these will easily help you save money, and some of them might surprise you!

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Things you can do with baking soda

Softening Secret -- When you're ready to bake, waiting for cold butter to soften can seem to take forever. Here's how to hurry the process along: Over a mixing bowl, shred the amount of butter you need on a grater. The little pieces will soften faster than a solid stick. In no time, the butter will be bake-worthy.