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    20 Uses for Flour (Besides Cooking)

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    Using Coconut Flour: how and why Cup for cup, it provides more protein than wheat flour and ten times more fiber, most of it the healthy soluble type. It has fewer net (absorbable) carbohydrates than any other flour. Plus, it contains lauric acid, a fatty acid found in mother’s milk that possesses antiviral, antifungal and antimicrobial properties.

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    How To Make Biodiesel From Old Cooking Oil -

    Guide to cooking grains.

    Chinese Almond Cookie _ One of the yummy & crunchy Chinese style pastries. I learned the recipe from one of my Cantonese friends who loves to make different types of pastries especially butter cookies. Back to old days, most of cookies in China are made with lard instead of butter. However in recently years, more & more excellent bakers begin to use butter – China Sichuan Food

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    Learn my Mom's secrets to making the best Chinese potsticker dumplings recipe - all from scratch! Step by step photos. ~

    My Dad's Chinese Sticky Honey Spareribs Recipe - this is one of my dad's specialties that he taught me how to cook - these bite-size ribs are sticky, sweet and a little salty - the perfect bite

    Black Sesame Dumplings (Tang Yuan)

    BBQ Pork Recipe (Char Siu/Char Siew/蜜汁叉烧)

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    inside out spring roll salad...awesome!!

    Grains & Flour For Bread Making. Types of Flour: {Baking Reference}

    Experimenting on different types of flour. Tastes for breads: 1. Kalamata and olives. 2. Cocoa, banana, honey, cinamon teff flour. 3. Honey and cloves. * Try using yogurt to make the bread more moist. Try corn bread. Pancakes: soak flour before cooking in milk, make dough and leave it to sit, cook at medium heat (6-7/9) until bubble starts to appear, then the other side.

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    Pineapple Bun