string cheese fingers

Cheese Finger Food Mozzarella string cheese Green bell pepper Cream cheese Wearing plastic gloves or sandwich bags over your h.

Mummy Dogs: Cut crescent roll dough into thin strips and wrap around hot dogs. Bake according to crescent package directions and use ketchup or mustard for eyes.

Mummy Dogs The kids are sure to love this idea! Instead of pigs in a blanket, take the mini hot dogs and wrap them up to look like mummies! Add a little dot of mustard for the yellow eyes and let the Halloween party begin!

Cannibal Meat  Cheese Tray

Cannibal Meat Cheese Tray - Large oval platter covered with a bed of lettuce, lay out a (washed) plastic skeleton, bend his knees to fit all on the platter, fill his rib cage with meat (hard salami) and arrange the cheese slices around him.

If you're experiencing a diabetic coma just thinking of all that sugar overload, you might consider making these really creative healthy Halloween snacks with an entertainment factor!

Savoury Halloween snacks Cute for a healthy snack so the little kids will eat their veggies.

64 Non-Candy Halloween Snack Ideas MAde with cheese pizza and red pepper for the nails.

64 Healthy Halloween Snack Ideas For Kids (Non-Candy)

Babybel cheese, olive, gel food coloring (wonder if strawberry jam would work...)

Healthy Halloween snacks

Cute Food For Kids: Healthy Halloween Snack: Cheese Eyeballs. Babybel Cheese with red food coloring gel, sliced olive and ketchup.

Half a string cheese and an almond sliver...I'd add a little marinara at the end...instant "fingers"

Halloween Recipes: Cheesy Fingers

Happy Halloween! Has anyone else gone overboard with Halloween candy this year? In case you and your family are on sugar overload like me from chocolate and candy, here are three healthy but festiv…

Ghost Cheese Another creative cheese idea for Halloween! These octopus ghosts are pretty easy to pull off considering the string cheese .