Photography Nature Macro by Andrew @ cubagallery

#green water droplets

after the rain, raindrops, nature

“What you really know is possible in your heart is possible. We make it possible by our will. What we imagine in our minds becomes our world.” —Masaru Emoto ..*

Turqoise and lavender dewdrop

Follow Me by Alyphoto

Follow Me by Alyphoto

Mi escritura

Blue pearls on a peacock feather

Droplet  l  Macro Photography

microwalrus: “ scifiblue: “(via Penny T)” ” Perfection

Jewel Of the Peacock by beachgirly1116 on 500px

water droplet on peacock feather - beautiful!

Zippertravel.com Digital Edition

"Project Cobalt" by MAC-Photography.


Refracting image of a daisy thru a water drop. Gorgeous living waters flower portrait pinned via Lavender and orange yellow together set apart all the floral reflections on each petal.

put this on a canvas... now that is a pretty picture for the wall

Macro photography pink flower with water drops - nature

Raindrops on a cherry blossom - photo by tanakawho, via Flickr. (Thanks @Janet Hughes for pinning photo that led me to this link!)

ZsaZsa Bellagio: Pretty, Feminine and Sweet


Rain Drops on Flower Petals - Colors: Blue, Gray

Let it rain by erykucciola on deviantART

violet drops - the colors are gorgeous!

Unbelievable Dew #Drops Photography by Alistair Campbell - Wave Avenue

Unbelievable Dew Drops Photography by Alistair Campbell

Ooooh-wee!  We're getting into the hot weather now.  Gotta remember to water in the AM to give the plants a fighting chance...   ~~ Houston Foodlovers Book Club

rainbow dandelion Art Print by Joke Vermeer

photo by Natthew Fang #green #tendril #spiral

photo by Natthew Fang green tendril spiral