Oragami Owl Lockets

oragami owl lockets

Oragami Owl - Family

Oragami Owl

Origami Owl Locket, love this one

Origami Owl Lockets

Origami Owl Locket

Origami Owl Locket

Origami Owl Locket

Oragami owl

These are great. Went to an oragami owl party today and I love the lockets we made!

Oragami owl necklace, charm & locket.

Oragami owl

Oragami owl love

all of my bridesmaids are getting oragami owl necklaces.

Loving the oragami owl

This is an oragami Owl living locket and I love how you get to choose the charms and plates to tell your story!!

Glass Lockets

cute owl

locket LOVE

LOVE this locket