In Lieu of Preschool: Reading Strategy Tip #1: Making Real-Life Connections

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Comprehension Strategies~Helping Kids Understand What They Are Reading - Fantastic Fun & Learning

7 Scaffolds for Teaching Emerging Readers 1-1 Correspondence at the beginning of the school year, or whenever you notice students not tracking print correctly.

Toddler Approved!: 5 Tips for Connecting with Other Parents. How else do you cultivate connections with other parents and friends? Do you make it a priority?

7 Activities to Play & Learn Letters

an uppercase and lowercase alphabet game

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Making sense of Reading Levels for Parents!! Super helpful information on Book Level, Guided Reading, and Lexile including the range where kids are at each grade level! #readingforkids #booksforbeginnerreaders #homeschool #reading

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A solid summer reading list for 7-9 year-olds: 15 chapter books for the eager reader in your life.

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Great list of reliable online resources for helping your child with reading, from birth through school age.

So easy- use a cookie sheet! Weather activity for kids. Even toddlers can take a turn being the weather man!

Level It Books™ - Find reading levels fast and digitally manage your library of books!

Free printables for a summer reading log. The pages included in the reading log: 1.Cover page. 2. Back cover. 3. List the number of minutes read and book titles read.  4. Draw a picture from your favorite book.  5. Choose a favorite book & write about why you loved it so much.