wire, tinfoil, plaster gauze, metallic paint. GIACOMETTI!

Giacometti sculptures! cardboard base, garden wire, tin foil, plaster gauze, and metallic paint. Awesome!

paper sculpture | Paper Sculptures 14 Awesome Paper Sculptures of Jean François Glabik

Great use for old panty hose and an exciting new 3D surface for kids to paint on. Needs parental/teacher involvement, as if that's a bad thing! Click through for more ideas. snibblesandbits.b...

Getting Wired-Learn basic wire sculpture techniques-Page 5-Wire Sculpture Person

Alberto Giacometti inspired sculptures...power point link

How to make a Giacometti Plaster Wrap Sculpture

Art Rocks!: Grade 4: Giacometti Wire and Plaster Sculptures

STASYS Retrospektywa - Photo-could be a very cool art project idea...hmmmmm.self-portrait/mask

Large Wire Duck Sculpture

Plaster Hand Project

fun keith haring awesomeness idea!

A Sculpture with Gauze Bandage

Tangram art

I think the kids would love doing this!! 2 Peas and a Dog: Tinfoil Sculpture Art Lesson

Assemblage Sculpture Projects - 8th grade art

classroom art project: silhouettes

Metal tape art - glue buttons, foam shapes and letters, pieces of wire etc. to create composition; cover with foil - Could work great for Valentine's day!

Art Projects for Kids: Layered Winter Landscape

TRAGEDY! Greek Masks