wire, tinfoil, plaster gauze, metallic paint. GIACOMETTI!

Tapping into Declarative and Procedural Knowledge in the Art Room - The Art of Ed

Such a cool art project for kids! Make pictures with yarn instead of paint!

"I added all of the three-dimensional techniques I could think of, and my new chart looks like a work of art all by itself!"

Art with Mrs. Nguyen (Gram): Radial Paper Relief Sculptures (4th/5th)

Art with Ms. Lloyd: 7th grade 3D- Romero Britto Animal Sculpture

Oreo sculpting :) What a fun activity for the last day of art class!

Great use for old panty hose and an exciting new 3D surface for kids to paint on. Needs parental/teacher involvement, as if that's a bad thing! Click through for more ideas. snibblesandbits.b...

Name sculpture project: each letter can be done in either different color schemes or elements; for 6th grade!

Tinfoil people 3-D art lesson. Fantastic art lesson for students that let's their creativity shine. Lots of differentiation opportunities available.

4th grade giant crayons and colored pencils made with paper towel tubes...video lesson here

Paper sculpture 3rd grade Art @ Massac

Crayon Art Sculpture - The best art ideas and art projects for kids of 2014

Box sculpture....a group project I did with my Art 2 class #groupproject #boxart #sculpture

Three dimensional sculptures from rolls of paper. Use old magazines, ads, or newspaper. Upcycled art. 5th grade elementary art. Earth Day. http://www.artsonia.com/museum/art.asp?id=21276587

You have to scroll down a bit to get the details, but this looks like a project worth doing! www.handmakery.com

Gestures sketches of our classmates influenced by the artist Alberto Giacometti. Create foil statues

pinwheels for peace project with introduction to 5 abstract artists/art forms and 5 techniques great start of year project- watercolor washes, opaque watercolor technique (staying inside lines), pointillism, op art, pollock, modrian, monet (I think)

Monochrome shadowboxes filled w/ interesting shapes! (Could do a themed series...?)

Art with Mrs. Nguyen: Emoji Soft Sculptures (5th)

Initial Steps for Making a Gestural Sculpture Art Lesson