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Kym, you need to watch and Pin this one! :) Tim Hawkins - Football & Husbands - Bethel CT 2012

"homeschooling? but what about socialization?" "yeah, but when you go to public school what do you get in trouble for????!!! SOCIALIZING!!!" I am seriously wanting to tell this to somebody when they say, "oh, but what about socialization?" "I'm talking to you, am I not? what about socialization? according to the dictionary I AM SOCIALIZING!"

HIGH-LARIOUS! Tim Hawkins on Childhood, Marriage, Teenagers, & Babies

Tim Hawkins on Church....I go to a non-denominational church and he's got us down ;)

Tim Hawkins - Legos. Doesn't anyone and everyone with brothers know what he's talkin' about?! :)

We found that this video Girls Vs. Boys - by Tim Hawkins would be a good start of the day! Check our blog this weekend to know more about it!

Tim Hawkins and other's on Teenagers " Its the cops! WADDLE!!!" From Tim's "Full Range of Motion" DVD. To view this video in HIGH RESOLUTION, click on the above link.

I'm a Texan from San Antonio area, and I can definitely vouch for the truth in this one. As funny and unfortunate as it can be

Tim Hawkins on Hand Raising--one of my favorite clips by him.