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Three days' worth of meals that can be prepared with no heat and little water, to get you though the first three days after a disaster. I totally need to do this.

List Of Important Documents ~ Creating an Emergency Preparedness Folder keeps all your important documents in one place in case of a disaster.

One Good Thing by Jilleefrom One Good Thing by Jillee

Common Kitchen Measurements "Cheat Sheet" {Printable

kitchen measurements chart

Your Own Home Storefrom Your Own Home Store

Living Without Running Water: A Practical Guide

Good ideas for water storage & tips for showers, toilet waste, etc. read the comments below the article.

Survival at Homefrom Survival at Home

Homemade MREs - Make Your Own Survival Food

DIY MREs - Learn to create these simple meals ready to eat to use in case of emergency, for camping, or on long trips.

The first three days of any emergency crisis are always the most critical. Especially if one has the added challenge of the grid being down... no electricity, no gas, no water.....meals that don't require any

Lifehackerfrom Lifehacker

Make an Emergency Candle Out of a Tub of Crisco

Emergency Candle. Just put a wick in it and it will last for about 45 days!

TreeHuggerfrom TreeHugger

Make a Solar Water Heater for Under $5

Make a solar water heater for under 5 bucks!

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Are You Prepared for a Natural Disaster?

Emergency Kit Article

EVEN MEN should be prepared to WEAR PANTYHOSE on their bug-out or get-home journey. Why Pantyhose: * Helps prevent getting blisters on long hikes (and your feet will stay extra warm). * Keeps chiggers and ticks at bay as an extra layer. * Is an improvised fishing net, * Carries food or tinder in a survival situation * Filters water (with sand, charcoal and rocks)