My name is Anna, "August" Augustyniak, I come from Poland. It happened that my education is art-oriented, but I'm drawing for as long as I .

Dark on Mountain

Dragons are mythical creatures that often appear in fantasy stories about knights and princesses.

Little Rock Dragon by M. Pena

My favorite photo of the Little Rock dragon. This is the first paint sample of this piece- out in our garden among the real granite rocks. The rock he i. Little Rock dragon

Resultado de imagen de dragon de lune

blue and purple dragon on the moon i would love to paint this! Ok, ok done with the dragon spam for now.

a236697f7007ef2633eb18ddc654266b.jpg 321×395 pixeles

Draco from Dragonheart, one of my favorite movies and one of the coolest film dragons. A colored pic of him was long overdue, thoug.


Proud looking Dragon- Fantasy Myth Mythical Mystical Legend Dragons Wings Sword Sorcery Magic

Merciful Behemoth and Last Hope Pheodora

Nothing is so beautiful and magical, Like the Love of Dragons

this would be awesome on a wall in the house i want to build

The mane might be a different color, but the fire goddess (Sols wife) would look like this, with the different style underscales.

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