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Wildlings from north of The Wall

The Watchers on The Wall. - Imgur

Game of Thrones Fashion is Its Most Epic Subplot

Game of Thrones fashion by the Lannisters, Wildlings and Danaerys are influencing the real world.

The men of the Nights Watch who've taken The Black and live on The Wall

For Everyone Who Found A New Fave On “Game Of Thrones” This Week

This week, Game of Thrones introduced a new character, the wildling Karsi. | For Everyone Who Found A New Fave On "Game Of Thrones" This Week

Jon Snow's Night's Watch costume keeps him warm up on the Wall. #gameofthrones #jonsnow #nightswatch PHOTO CREDIT: Chasi Annexy Photography

"Game Of Thrones" Destroyed Us All With The Red Wedding

the red wedding episode: 'The Rains of Castamere' (which if you read the books you know about the red wedding you know that Talisa/Jeyne was not even there...quite a big plot change, since she was also pregnant in the books)