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Lobbyists should be a forgotten breed! NO ONE should benefit from making a law EXCEPT AMERICA,the people,you,me-US!

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Robin Williams guys

It's hard to see him now without a little stiletto passing right through me. I cannot remember a time when the passing of a public figure hurt like that. I was angry at first then as I learned more, I understood why he took that road. RIP Robin.

John F. Kennedy (1917-1963) 35th United States President. Our youngest chosen United States President was killed in Dallas at the young age of 46.

this is noice ^ dude I'm 16 and I'm struggliung with college level work how tf do you do that at 14 what is ur IQ like a billion?


Toronto Star

Operation Paperclip was a secret executive branch project in 1945 to emigrate over 1,600 nazi war criminals to the United States with absolute immunity and have them work on secret cold war and medical-experimental initiatives. Although top-ranking military generals opposed the operation, the cold war Presidents disagreed, permitting the nazis to live freely in the United States without reproach after completing their work.