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  • mickey l

    How does a bill become law? ...Schoolhouse Rock, rewritten for nowadays... trying to explain to the older generation how laws have changed

  • Cristy Neuman

    How does a Bill become a Law? (2014) Sad but true

  • Natalie R - Warthen

    I don't remember the School House Rock song (I'm Just A Bill ) mentioning any thing about having to fight thought all the lobbyist to be a bill,

  • Destiny Lund

    #laws #bill #government #congress #knowledge #funny #truth #lobbyists #politics

  • Christie Rusin

    I'm just a bill, just a lonely old bill, and I'm sittin here on capitol hill... remember this bs?

  • Jay Root

    I remember this from Saturday morning funnies. Is this still running for the kids today?

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Placard is from Bill Gates' Reddit 'Ask Me Anything' and the quote is from Robert Jenkins a software engineer.

Need a fast and reliable service for the incorporation of a Seychelles company? Don't look further.

Women Around the World Are Being Stoned to Death. Do You Know the Facts?

Republican Misogyny - If the Smith Bill is passed date rape, coerced rape and statutory rape will no longer be legally considered "rape". Just one more law that the GOP want to pass to take away even more rights from women. Time to vote the GOP out of office. #YesAllWomen

And while they're at it, include language making it a criminal offense for Congress or the President to propose or pass legislation that is Unconstitutional, reaffirm that the Bill of Rights are endowed by God and not granted by man, and require that before ANY member of Congress vote on an item, they swear to have read it & can speak to whether or not it is Constitutional. Oh - and require that ANY executive order be in line with the Constitution.

Forever wondering why this movie have so many amazing quotes and then was content in naming itself "we bought a zoo" "I'm a big fan of people being exactly who they are"

This is referring to how republican representatives choose to prioritize laws. If you didn't know that or don't believe that, do your research.

The old-money rich set up and use corporations as a means to siphon our tax money via the government "legally". It's legal because most of our elected officials in washington have been bought and pocketed by them. Politicians aren't going to go against the people who made them rich, and once rich, it's even more advantageous to make laws that benefit the rich.

"Every part of the Constitution is important. If we let the Government ignore parts of it, they will soon ignore all of it." - Steven Uccio

Those that own the politicians, own the laws they legislate. Ever wonder why polls have shown for the last eight years that the vast majority of people, exceeding 75%, want money out of politics but no new laws are put in place to do it? Those that own the legislators don't want their influence to end.

"Maybe you are searching among the branches, for what only appears in the roots." - Rumi #systems