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I bet this is the version of I'm Just A Bill that the government probably wouldn't allow Schoolhouse Rock to air... (via FreeDumb Nation) ~Let's go back to school! I loved Schoolhouse Rock

Why is this too hard for Democrats to figure out? Maybe it is because the democrats are typically the ones that are causing the bad things to happen... It seems all of the mass murderers have been democrats and Obama supporters, All of the recent scandals have been perpetrated by a Democrat administration. All of the proposed legislation to take away the right of citizens to defend themselves has been by Democrats. I can go on and on but there is simply not enough space here....

KEEP TRUTH in our hearts and do what's RIGHT!!! Immigrate Legally! We can't support what's WRONG.....ILLEGALS!!!

Fear Mongering...making people sheep for centuries. It is everywhere today with social media and sensationalism via our media. Be a free thinker. Determine for yourself what should cause you fear and give you pause, do not follow the pack.

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Democrats ARE the Authors of the KKK, Jim Crow and Segregation. Learn your history, DON'T ERASE IT.


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Operation Paperclip was a secret executive branch project in 1945 to emigrate over 1,600 nazi war criminals to the United States with absolute immunity and have them work on secret cold war and medical-experimental initiatives. Although top-ranking military generals opposed the operation, the cold war Presidents disagreed, permitting the nazis to live freely in the United States without reproach after completing their work.

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Americans are taking the same path

THESE PEOPLE "CAN'T AFFORD" OBAMACARE!! I think we know where defending should continue right after Obamacare! OUR GOVERNMENT IS TOTALLY OUT OF TOUCH WITH REALITY!!

The Federal Government has no supremacy | Explanation by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, authors of The Constitution

In reference to Benghazi, Hillary Clinton said, "What difference does it make?"