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"If the situation were reversed and I was dying, you would do the same thing." "No.Dean.I wouldn’t. Same situation…I wouldn’t." 9x13 The Purge.

One more reason John Winchester sucks.

[gifset] "I have been in your brother’s body, Dean. He would not trade his lifefor yours.” “Well, thanks for the rerun, pal. Sam’s already told me all that crap”. “Hell, he’s told me worse.” Meta Fiction

Dean always breaks through to the people who love him.

Poor Sam.. this broke my heart.

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Misha CollinsVerified account ‏@mishacollins Damnit. This guy just got my phone again!!!! Will I never learn!???!

Dean + Jo. I'm on season 2 though so this kinda spoils everything<<<< sorry mate, can't get too far on Pinterest without getting some spoilers. < that's true. Oh I miss Dean and Jo so much!