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"Some people call me the Don Quixote of the Latin Quarter because of my head is so far up in the clouds that i can imagine all of us are angels in paradise...", Romantic moment in front of Shakespeare Co., Paris.


My name is Sam. These are the musings and inspirations of a California girl. Life goals include attending the 2029 Academy Awards ceremony, learning to ride a motorcycle and raising a kitten of superior intelligence that shall be known as Catfucious.

Hello and welcome to this little corner of the internet. We are four girls with a penchant for the best in life. As a result, you'll find here an array "of...

I Am The Lil Girl Who Waited I Am A Dr.Who & Super Natural Fan Girl. *❤*❤*❤*❤*❤*❤*❤*❤*❤*❤*❤*❤*❤*❤*❤*❤*❤*❤*❤ She craved a presence beside her, solid. Fingertips light at the nape of her neck and a voice meeting hers in the dark. Someone who would wait...

That heat pad will help babe u need to use it and lol I know but it will take ur mind of it if im sittin behind u an holdin u an rubbing ur back an kiss u on the neck:)

Not safe for work or if you are under Quiet observer. I love words - the sounds and the meanings. Just a place to store things I want to remember. -Please- if I have posted something of yours and not credited it or if you would like to have it...