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Make Your Own SIMPLE Moisturizing Lotion



50 Ways to Use Coconut Oil

Scientific research on coconut oil has revealed health benefits that affect your entire body, inside and out. You've heard good things about it and now you have a tub of it sitting in your pantry. So how do you use coconut oil? We asked our Facebook fans and coworkers how they use coconut oil. Here are some of the numerous ways coconut oil is used.


Coconut Oil Body Wash

Coconut Oil Body Wash This is easy enough to DIY. Will be using this recipe soon.

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New Year's Eve Makeup

Coconut Oil Uses -- This stuff works like magic!!! I rub it all over after every shower and after I shave... One week later: Bye, bye cellulite, shrunk pores(on my face), mended my split ends, took the bags off my eyes, lengthened my eyelashes, and healed my lips(which tend to peel).--


5 Bath Scrubs You Can Make in Your Kitchen

diy bath scrubs: (Don't be afraid to scrub hard!) 1 cup sugar, 1/2 cup olive oil, Juice of 1 lemon, 1 tbsp honey

4 beauty uses for coconut oil: 1. Slather all over right after your shower – it’s best absorbed if skin is still slightly wet. I keep the jar on the bathroom counter so the heat from the shower helps soften and melt the oil. 2. Massage into the skin to help prevent and diminish stretch marks. 3. Ditch the high-dollar face cream and use coconut oil as your daily moisturizer. My skin has never looked – or felt – better. 4. For dry, damaged hair, massage the oil into your scalp.

DIY face wash with olive oil, castor oil and honey (I added tea tree oil for my acne). Cheap, easy and it works (my skin is looking better and I don't need a moisturizer afterwards)!

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Homemade Coconut Oil Body Butter

EASY Homemade Coconut Oil Body Butter!

Serious eye cream. It is super simple to make using only two ingredients--coconut oil and Vitamin E. Nice website for natural cleaners and other recipes. Coconut oil is a protective antioxidant and supports tissue repair and healing.

How to Clean Your Face Naturally. I started using this (along with witch hazel) exclusively about 2 months ago and my skin looks the best it has ever looked. I haven't had any breakouts and my nose looks much cleaner - pores are clearer and smaller. I've gotten a ton of people that noticed the difference. Definitely recommend. (I have oily skin, so used the 3 castor oil : 1 evvo)

COFFEE CELLULITE SCRUB: 1 cup fresh-ground coffee + 1/2 cup brown sugar + 1/2 cup salt + 1/2 cup coconut oil. Rub onto prone areas in circular motions for 3-5 minutes, every other day. BAKING SODA BLACKHEAD REMOVER: 1 tbsp baking soda + 1/4 cup milk. Exfoliate: 1:1 Honey and brown sugar.

Previous pinner said: A few months ago I stopped using facewash. I use a scrub of baking soda and coconut oil every few days. On the days in between, just coconut oil. I use tiny amounts - a pinch of soda, and a bit of coconut oil the size of a pencil eraser. Wash in gentle, circular motions and rinse very well. Your face may seem oily afterward, but within a few minutes the oil is absorbed and your skin is glowing.

OH MY GOODNESS – I love this recipe so much! I was at a high end green beauty boutique the other day and found a line of “Whipped Coconut” body cremes that smelled divine. They were, however, very expensive. So I got home and whipped out one of my Trader Joe’s jars of Virgin Coconut …

OLIVE OIL FACIAL CLEANSER 2 teaspoons liquid face soap or baby wash 2 tablespoons water 2 tablespoons glycerin 1/2 cup olive oil