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Miss Sarah Bowman. She and her father run a school in Frimond Bay.

Contrary to popular opinion, the two in the picture were not lovers; the soldier was jubilantly planting kisses on women in Times Square Read more at

The Ten Most Iconic Photos Of The 1940s

One of the most famous picture all the time. A kiss from two strange persons after world war Iconic photo. Romantic time after war

Mary Meachum

Mary Meachum

Original 1940's African American Black Couple by InteriorVintage

Original 1940's African American Black Couple In The Park Snapshot Photo

Many African American girls in the 1960's wore dresses like this, and Little Inez would wear one.

Coffee Will Make You Black is not a preachy book. It is not a manual for navigating a multi-racial society, or for surviving a childhood in a racist and bigoted world. It is an honest, mature and i.

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Love this 1910 photo of very fashionable ladies. Wish it was in color.  From via Pinterest

"The Haymakers". July At that time, middle-class Black women who were supported by their husbands and did not have to work were very socially and politically active, whether fighting for civil rights or organizing to keep their community together.

Beautiful Victorian African American Woman by EphemeraObscura, $75.00

Beautiful Victorian African American Woman- Black History- 1800s Vintage Cabinet Photograph

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Photo from Du Bois' albums of photographs of African Americans in Georgia [sadly, all un-named]. The albums were exhibited at the Paris Exposition Universelle in These are part of the Library of Congress collection of African American Photographs