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    Spelling INSET - Spelling strategies that can be adapted for a variety of uses.

    Spelling leaflet - A leaflet containing activities children can do in order to make practising their spellings more enjoyable and varied.

    Key words list - A simple and illustrated word list.

    Mind the gap spelling activity - Try this activity to get pupils thinking about words and spellings.

    Learning HOW to spell - A wide range of ways of remembering spellings.

    Spelling and Grammar Planning - Key spelling and grammar activities plan for throughout the year.

    Fun spelling activities - Spelling activities to reinforce weekly spelling words.

    Adding -er and -est - PowerPoint presentation introducing the rules for adding-er and -est to adjectives.

    Spelling games - A great range of spelling games for all key stages - particulary SEN.

    Spelling Strategies Poster - Poster reminding children of the strategies they should use when trying to spell a difficult word.

    Checking written work - Encourage pupils to check and evaluate their work with these handy charts.

    Ways of remembering difficult spellings - Powerpoint for Y2; different analogies to help spell difficult words.

    Super speller certificates - Reward spellings with these colourful certificates.

    Letters and sounds - Powerpoint to prompt spelling of words in phase 4 of Letters and Sounds.

    Spelling choices booklet - A list of all the main spellings for each of the 44 phonemes with examples of words for each one.

    Fairy tale word bank - Word banks from popular fairy tales.

    Spelling activities - Homework activities for learning spellings.

    Tricky word mat - Word mat with letters and sounds tricky words

    Spelling mat - A useful mat for writing.

    The handbook includes background information for teachers about common spelling patterns, useful strategies, including mnemonics, and spelling and phonic games. Many of the ideas resources have been posted elsewhere - acknowledged at end.

    Separated into 10 weeks, 10 words per week. Each week includes word list, practice space, wordsearch and anagrams. Notes and contents page also included.

    These are differentiated spelling cards that can be printed off for groups and stuck into homework journals or the like. Each week is in a different font/style.

    Set of colourful A4 poster with mnemonics for common words complete with visual prompts

    Seven colourful posters showing different spelling strategies, complete with visual prompts.

    A selection of classic board games that I have adapted for independent use by children to practise or test each other on their 'weekly spelling words' in a fun and interactive way. I laminate the rules and game boards back to back so they last for a long time. The only other equipment required are counters and spelling words to be written on the spelling cards sheet and then photocopied and cut up for each playing pair