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#Dream #tattoo #inked @Christa Vickers Vickers Rousseau i can see you with something like this!

I'd like it in the same way but with a different text: all that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream ♥

arm or the back of your legs in my mind^^ would never get, but still so neat

Wrist. Arm. Tattoo. Black. Simple. No Color. Trend. Youth. Pattern. Face. Hair. Nature. Art. Illustration. Ink. Skill. True. Fresh.

wonder about a feather merging into fern with koru piece of fern at top, and birds breaking away from sides

When I get my degree in fine arts (photography), a camera will be inked into my skin somewhere.

Love this as a way to fill blank areas with pattern. Always going to love monotone tattoos. Black ink tattoo