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Hummingbird Migration has started... Keep your feeders up and full until two weeks after you see your last hummingbird this fall to help them on their way. (Don't believe the old myth - keeping feeders up does NOT stop birds from migrating!) Photo via Daybreak Imagery

DDO:) MOST POPULAR RE-PINS - - - Hummingbird reflections in water- much lower to Earth than usually photographed! RESEARCH DdO:) - They don't depend on flowers- can hover mid-air & catch small flying insects to eat, feed baby birds. Favorite flowers have long, tubular blossoms of red, orange, yellow or blue, esp blue Salvia species. To attract without feeders: Plant Lantana, Fuchsia, Red Hot Poker, Bee Balm, Oswego Tea, Bergamot…

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Mr. And Mrs. Northern Cardinal Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Bonnie Barry

Mr. And Mrs. Northern Cardinal. I see these beautiful birds in my feeders all of the time. The trick is to use only sunflower seeds!

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What hummingbirds want

What hummingbirds want: Not sure when to hang a hummingbird feeder, or where? What about how to deal with territorial birds? #birds #hummingbirds #animals

Happy Father's Day Pops.... I miss you so... 2nd Father's Day you've been gone. The other night I hugged your Army shirt that sits on my couch and felt closer to you. I love you Pops... always. This pic reminded me of the hummingbirds and fuchsias we enjoyed on your back patio.


Attract Hummingbirds With This Easy Nectar Recipe

simple humming bird nectar,,, skip the red food coloring, it's not necessary.......

Goldfinches. I'm guessing that they like the birdseed being offered there. My husband feeds the birds year-round. When they get used to your backyard, the ones that stay in the winter come looking for food. We feed seed, peanut butter, apples and oranges and corn. The poor squirrels need something! They sure can't get to the bird feeder.