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non-toxic oven cleaner. Dawn, vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice. Smear paste all over inside of oven, including glass door, and let it sit for several hours. Scrub baked on spots then wipe clean.

Lavender Essential Oil Baking Soda DIY Air Freshener! - from - freshen up your room with this light and lovely Homemade Air Freshener and fabulous Odor Absorber! #ideas #thefrugalgirls

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Top 10 Most Creative Household Uses for Borax

How to Make The most Effective Floor Cleaner - Top 10 Most Creative Household Uses for Borax

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How to Clean Window Tracks Like a Pro in No Time Flat

Baking soda and vinegar. Let it sit 5-10 minutes ::

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How To Clean A Microwave With Vinegar And Steam!

How To Clean A Microwave in 5 Minutes-I just tried this. Really works. Super easy clean up.


Laminate Floor Cleaner Recipe

Vinegar Floor Cleaner - Tried this - It works!

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How to Clean Your Dishwasher

Place a dishwasher-safe cup filled with plain white vinegar on the top rack of the dishwasher. Using the hottest water available, run the dishwasher through a cycle. The vinegar will help to wash away the loose, greasy grime, sanitizes, and helps remove the musty odor. Next, sprinkle a cupful of baking soda around the bottom of the tub and run it through a short cycle. The baking soda will help freshen and removing stains.

vinegar and dish washing liquid to keep in the shower or tub, quick scrub of the shower or tub before you get out, no need for cleaning otherwise