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black door with gold hardware in white trim. Beautiful wood flooring. Pretty rug. Entry desk. My favorite-the stairs and railing

I hide behind sarcasm, because telling you to go screw yourself is considered somewhat rude in most social situations.

Do tell me. Do you often suffer nose bleeds from up there on your high horse?

got time for that. I dunno why but this made me think of you @Tasha Adams Adams Gazo lol

Like the time when that lady was giving a presentation at work and said the word PENATRATION 800 times.

True that. There would be no way...that one looks poisonous. TT^TT

I have developed a low tolerance for the spoiled brats of this generation and the parents who created them.

DL: Your silly ways of taking a stab at me (my friend, my situation, my life...heck anything at all) doesn't bring me down, it just makes me glad to know that I don't have a two-faced "friend" anymore and that I'm able to see you for who/what you truly are... I'm beyond happy and you WON'T & CAN'T bring me down. Ciao ciao! :-)

you are not thought of quite as much as you wish you were and definitely not even close to the amount you think of me!

private description-- do not read

lol thats funny Nate and so true remember how you said my team was "terrible" well I guess I was the only one too beat you cause my team is actually good haha!