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  • Carolina Jordano

    Evil Sasuke with Susanoo

  • Lauren Drube

    Sasuke Susanoo

  • Marc Rutherford

    Sasuke Uchiha (うちはサスケ, Uchiha Sasuke) is one of the main characters and the deuteragonist of the Naruto series. He was a genin-level shinobi of Konohagakure's Team 7, but later defected from the village becoming a missing-nin, an affiliate of Akatsuki and is now considered an international criminal. He is also one of the two remaining living Uchiha.

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Sasuke Susanoo by *VitalikLoL on deviantART

This was supposed to have other beloveds in it too, but Sasuke is apparently taking over my life.

I just died and went to heaven! And then realized Sasuke is evil... And then I came back to the dark, cold world.

I don't approve of what he has done, but he is one fricken beautiful anime character.

Sasuke. I'm not really a big naruto person but...sasuke is really hot

Sasuke + Pride + by kivi1230.devianta... on deviantART --amazing art!!

Team Hebi/Taka - Jugo, Karin,Sasuke & Suigetsu

Sasuke ~ do you know what's going on over here? ~ have you even bothered to look? ~

Sasuke - Still perhaps my favorite character in all of anime... He's pretty high up there anyway :D

Day 9: Favorite Jutsu. My favorite justu will probably always be the classic chidori. Don't know why, it just is.