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Illustration of Twelve astrology symbol, isolated on white, vectorized. vector art, clipart and stock vectors.

Moon Glyphs

wicca-vuno-blessed-be: “ Moon Glyphs are magick symbols used for connecting with nature and Esbat magick. They are used by drawing the symbols in black ink on your skin.

Cute idea! My sons finger prints! Could also do for future children.

Thumb print tattoo in the shape of a heart. Definitely getting my mom and dads thumb prints and getting this done. Have my mom and dad make a thumb print in the shape of a heart.

Arrow tattoo

50 beautiful minimalist and tiny tattoos from geometric shapes to linear patterns

arrow tattoo, rib tattoo Cute idea to get with friend or spouse. They can get the heart (if its a friend) or a bow and arrow ready to shoot (if its the spouse) and I will get the one they dont.

My Pisces tattoo on the side of my wrist my Second favorite tattoo :)

Sunsign tattoos are in vogue today & Pisces being the last zodiac sign is also expressed through tattoo art. Here are pisces tattoo designs enlisted for you