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Joseph Ducreux, Self Portrait, est. 1783. Internet meme extraordinaire and the first painter to realize that we needn't all sit still for hours on end to make great portraiture. Bravo sir. Bravo.

Bohemian Rhapsody in memes.

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31 High School Snapchats That Will Give You Life

Hahahhahahahhaha @kjourdan10

Best pick up line ever! @Rachael Stanforth and @McKenna Grim

I have a regular customer who is in his 80s and everyday he asks me guess who I saw today and I always respond Who? The look on his face when he says the punchline is will wroth hearing this corny joke everyday. :)

Hahaha. I always tell people I've been working on my tan for 25 years. It's always a winner with the crowd...