• Chantal Buslot

    Gobierno de Entre Ríos: Prohibición de doma y jineteada en Entre Ríos y en toda la Argentina Government of Entre Rios: Ban dressage and rodeo in Gauteng and throughout Argentina

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Russia, Prosecutor, Ensure the investigation of all cases of cruelty to animals!

Implement an emergency system for animals living in the street

Bali governor Made Pastika Mangku Eliminate inhumane slaughter program

Lima Mayor Luis Castaneda Lossio and President of Peru Ollanta Humala Tasso Ban the eradications of the Kittens from the University Park.

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Argentina,no poisoning of stray dogs

Install a fence behind the guardrail to avoid crossing people and / or animals

Do not close the beaches that allow access to dogs during the summer season.

Ban animal circuses Mota Carolina Son Vilar, Spain

Forcing and laws require the welfare of animals when traveling on long-distance buses.

Stop the "dogfighting" and the Prohibition of Breeding and Possession of Dangerous Dogs. Alejandra Padilla San Pedro Sula, Honduras


Eliminate kennels to make way for clinics and veterinary support to the program "Dog neighborhood" Vivanco Leticia Mexico City, Mexico.