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Tucked away in a quiet forest near the Lule River in Harads, Sweden is Treehotel, a themed hotel park consisting of treehouses designed by some of Scandanavia’s leading architects.This is the UFO room.

Harads, Sweden-Treehotel, a themed hotel park consisting of treehouses designed by some of Scandanavia’s leading architects that was just awarded the 2011 Swedish Grand Tourism Prize.

15 Unique And Extraordinary Treehouses For Adults | fun and fabulous

15 Unique And Extraordinary Treehouses For Adults

Someday we need to stay here at TreeHouse Point outside of Seattle. I vote for the Bonbibi Treehouse.

Tree Camping. this would be so awesome. soo awesome.♥

Hanging Cliff Cabana - I want to camp/travel/do more of this kind of thing in

13-by-13 foot Mirrorcube, a reflective glass cube built around the trunk of a pine.  It blends into the surrounding forest so well that the architects plan to cover it with a transparent ultraviolet film to alert flying birds, so they won't smash into it.

Swedish Treehouse Fantasy

Invisible Treehouse Hotel - located in harads, Sweden about 60 km south of the arctic circle – currently consisting of four rooms: the cabin, the blue cone, the nest and the mirrorcube.

Case sull'albero in Svezia

10 Unique Glamping Destinations Roasting marshmallows around an open fire is all well and good. But these camping trips include eco-friendly treehouses and gourmet meals

Contemporary Tree Hotel.. Than we will build a tree-house like this for jojo!

Contemporary Tree Hotel

THE CABIN TREEHOTEL SWEDEN - The bridge is a long and interesting structure among the trees. The Cabin hangs slightly off-set, under the deck, partly to visually reduce the size and partly to give the tree room its own custom look.

a house in the tree

Dreamhouse Treehouse by Baumraum / World of Living, a showspace/amusement park for sustainable housing in Rheinau Baden-Linx, Germany.

Lovely little fairy house made out of an old stump

Awesome treehouse from california USA.This tree house looks like a hobbits house.A true place with real people and with us.You can add your tree house collection this one friends.

We LOVE treehouses, and this one seems to come from another galaxy. #treehouse #spaces

Sleep in treehouse pods at Free Spirit Spheres, an unusual eco-resort hotel on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada