EMPHASIS: Emphasis in a composition can be achieved through the use of contrast, isolation, placement, or even the absence of a focal point so that an object or part of the composition stands out by itself. There is a great deal of emphasis in this design creating an eye popping piece, the designer achieved this through the contrast of the building and adjacent styles, also it's placement in the square along the road make it an undeniable focal point for pedestrians and passing motorists. Bd...

Klein Bottle house | McBride Charles Ryan

House Pedralbes | Architect: BC Arquitectos #Modern House #building plans #plan modern #floor plan #ultra modern #contemporary house #modern home #Architecture & Design

Rapperswil-Jona Municipal Museum by mlzd in Rapperswil-Jona, Switzerland.

Metamorphosis 1, Chile by Jose Ulloa Davet + Delphine Ding

Entre Deux Rives / PHILIPPON & KALT Architects

Gallery - Library and Culture Centre / Primus Architects - 1

Facts Emporia / Wingårdhs wow!

Formosa 1140 by Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects (LOHA) is an eleven-unit housing project in West Hollywood, California.

Siri House / IDIN Architects.

The Cube / Orange Architects

Milwaukee Museum of Art by Max_Photos_Flickr

The colorful Bishan Public Library in Singapore was inspired by a tree canopy and tree houses to create a vibrant and engaging atmosphere inside. Designed by LOOK Architects

8 House - Copenhagen

3 Mews Houses / ODOS #living room design #modern home design #modern house design #home interior #room designs| http://children-toy-1459.blogspot.com

Pierres Vives / Zaha Hadid Architects Pierres Vives / Zaha Hadid Architects (3) – ArchDaily

Armadillo House by Formwerkz Architects

Mario Cucinella Architects, Center for Sustainable Energy Technologies, Ningbo, China, 2008

Veleiro do Sul Skyscraper by Enrique Greenwell #rio #brazil #architecture #skyscrapers

Outpost by Tom Kundig | InspireFirst

The Kinemax by Denis Leming #Architecture #Kinemax #Denis Leming