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Released May 13, 2011 • R
6.8 /10 by IMDb users


Paul Feig


Kristen Wiig , Terry Crews , Maya Rudolph , Tom Yi , Elaine Kao

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Another of my all time classic movie. I love the use of CG these days, but you gotta hand it to the old skool special effects.

One of the movies I HAVE to see every christmas

Because I love Amy Adams and Disney movies

Bridesmaids (2011) starring Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph. Watched April 2012, blu-ray. I first saw this at the movie theatre--still hilarious on second viewing.

One of the best & one of the most influential LOVE Pay it fwd or pay it backward.. it's good for the soul.

Much better than the reviews I had read. I think this should have picked up an Oscar nomination for best screenplay. The only drawback was that there were too many story lines for the running time so one of them was a little hastily developed, but Emma Stone makes up for it by delivering one of the best lines of the year.

E.T. The Extra Terrestrial is a big part of my movie memories. I'm not sure if my grown children have seen it though, LOL. #et

Just saw the preview for this movie - Can't wait to see this one!

Anna Elyse Bridesmaids Drape Neck Charmeuse Dress via @Nordstrom #wedding

Grand Theft Auto By Kristen Wiig... My favorite part of the movie...