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  • Alison Carr

    Baguette car - heaven in a van

  • Barbara Lokaitis

    OMG - I saw a truck just like this when I was in Paris in '84 - the smell was heavenly - baguettes :)

  • Alice Webster

    We delivered bread three days after he visited my old home. "How do you know how to drive?" I asked him. "I don't." "Then why are you driving?!" "Because neither of us can drive, and Gran told us to drive the truck around and find a slum to hand do out bread in." "You could have told her you can't drive." "You could've too." "Fair enough." We sat in silence for a minute or two. "I'm sorry again about my family." "I told you, it's fine." "What did she ask you?" "She wanted to know my intentions. And she said that Gran likes to set you and Kyla up with guys." "That's an exaggeration. It only happened a couple times." "That's what I thought." I debated whether to say what I ended up saying next. "What did you say?" "What?" "You know, when she asked you a question. You might've said the wrong thing, and you'd never know, because she won't let on." That's not really why I want to know. I'd like to know what he thinks of me. "You want my exact words?" "Just a detailed summary would suffice."The first thing I said was that I wanted to be your friend. She didn't believe me." "Sounds like her." "Then I said that I think you're amazing. Smart, talented and..." "What?" "Beautiful. But I don't see you in a romantic way at all. I'm still working on the friends thing." I smiled wide. I'm not sure if he noticed. "Ditto." He smiled too. "I've always wanted to be beautiful." Luke said in a silly voice. "I didn't mean the exact words." "No, don't backtrack." "Handsome. I meant handsome." We laughed. It was the first time we'd made each other laugh. "What are your hobbies?" "You really want to know?" "That's what the whole friendship thing is like, right? Knowing stuff about each other." "I guess." "Then shoot." "Ok. I perform." "Whaddya mean?" "You know, sing, act, dance." "No way!" "That's surprising because?" "I do those things too. Not so much of the dancing." "Let me hear." "Ladies first." "Fine." I sing my favorite song, In My Own Little Corner. "Wow. You're... Wow." "Now you." He sings Me Who Am I. "You're good." "Thanks." We laugh for awhile, for no real reason. We find a slum and grab the bread. Not just a slum. My slum. He didn't recognize it, and I don't blame him. They all look the same. "You know this is where I used to live, right?" "Yep." Oh. I guess he did. "Then why-" "I'm hoping your family will warm up to me." We delivered most of the bread. Then we came to my house. My aunt answered the door. "Come in." "We've got some bread." Her mother's eyes shot through me. "Thank you." Her aunt said. I led him out. "Gee, I'm sure they love me now." "It was uncomfortable." "I don't think it'll ever be comfortable." "Why not?" "They won't ever think I'm not into you." "Why not?" "How should I know?" After the last of the bread was delivered, we walked back to the car. "Overall successful." He said. "Yeah." Before we got in the car, I hugged him. I put my arms around his middle and buried my head in his chest. He was surprised for a moment, then wrapped his arms around me. When he realized I wasn't letting go soon, he put his head on mine and held tighter. "Are you alright?" He quietly asked. "Better now." "You realize we're outside your parents house." "Don't care. Comfy." I felt the most love I'd ever felt. Not romantic love. He was my friend. My real friend. It wasn't forced, or family. And it was close. I'd known him for the same amount of time as I'd known everyone else, but we were different. I liked it that way. I started to slump and realized how tired I was. Luke scooped me up and put me in the car.

  • Renate Flynn

    I'm so glad I have never witnessed this truck in the city. This photo would look very different, with me by the side of the door, taking in the gorgeous aroma of freshly baked bread here in Paris! Yum! #foodie, #paris, #boulangerieonthemove, #bestbread

  • Meghan Folger

    A truck full of French baguettes... heaven!

  • David Sundberg

    Renault 4 van. Baguette car.

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