rainbow hair

Braided hair inspiration.


ocean hair

Alcyone -- love the color and the style.

rainbow, best one I've seen

OH. MY. GOODNESS. This is so cool!

how to apply hair tinsel! What a fun idea for new years!

Like this hair

tealy-blue hair color

love the hair...not a fan of Paris



rainbow curls!

Rainbow hair, multiple piercings. Emo girl look for the Anime Emo Punk Tech Movement of 2054 in book series, "The Biodome Chronicles" by Jesikah Sundin (see board for "Legacy", "Elements" and #hairstyle #girl hairstyle #Hair Style

love it


I wouldn't do this, its a little to bright for me; but it is certainly very pretty when done correctly!


Amazing rainbow hair...wonder how hard it is to maintain this??? I would think mostly the roots would need done, but whenever I get crazy colors in my hair, they always fade soooo fast :(