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"If I drive 45 minutes in the U.S. I am just at another McDonalds"

The Problem With Canadian Shirts

This puzzles me....I have NEVER heard a Canadian say "oot and aboot", we joke about it because Americans think we say this when we don't. Maybe a certain part of Canada we're not aware of? I know I've heard people from parts of the Northern US say these things, but never a Canadian unless they're joking.

Canada Oh Canada. Canadian Problem #23....Justin Bieber. Sadly these days he is a problem, one that should go away until he can learn to behave like a grateful and appreciative human being.

Canadian Problems..I am French Canadian! Well half...

Used to annoy me so much when I was a kid - but now I know why that is and I don't mix them up anymore.

I'm not from Canada, but seems pretty legit.

Hahaha! I always feel bad for Canadians when I see our prices and their prices together! :-) :-P

I like the typical American question "do you know Joe Blow *insert whatever name*?. Like seriously, learn geography.

Canadian Problem #14: We will never truly accept the new Hockey Night in Canada song.