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  • Cordell Feil

    Cute way to line up quickly in the #Classroom Decor Ideas|

  • Jennifer Wray

    Classroom Management - Cute idea for lining up

  • kimmy

    Kindergarten classroom idea - Dots for kids to line up on = MINIMIZED pushing

  • Danielle Ann

    Cute idea for lining up, must be on their dot. I saw this done in a kindergarten classroom, and it worked great!

  • DeAnn Brown

    Classroom organization

  • Alyssa Knickerbocker

    Good idea in my future classroom to help the students long up in a straight line and quickly!

  • Breeana Boyd

    Placing numbers on the floor can be useful in several ways. Some teachers can use it to help kids line up, especially kindergarten. Also, it can be used like a number line in teaching adding and subtracting math lessons to other elementary students. One disadvantage to using this as a math lesson is that it may become too routine. Students may start depending on that method instead of learning other ways to add and subtract. However, it is a great learning technique.

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