This makes me want to carry chalk around with me.


14 Reasons to Avoid Public Transportation


The photo alone is funny but the news caption cements it

This scared me so bad. You have to open it in your browser to see it

People of Walmart.------------------ How would you like to watch some really funny YouTube videos. Check it out here:

Apparently, he really wanted that spot. (lol)

HAHA! This seriously makes me laugh!! ;)

Omg I almost peed my pants reading these! I am soooo doing number 18, 20 and 21!!

A man asks his wife how long it would take to travel 80 miles at the rate of 80 miles per hour... This is equally painful & hilarious to watch.


every time i see this i laugh!

i'm gonna start doing this

nailed it.

hahah yes : )


@Janelle Klenzing.. I KNOW this will have you rollling!