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    My sister says

    The most fabulous person in the room…

    lol...I had to post this on Facebook too!! I'm dying!!

    the little sister

    Love my sister

    Sister LOVE!

    "sister" saying

    the face I make when my sister is coming over :) #sister #funny

    Sister shirts - would love to get these for me and my sisters

    Haha too funny!!!

    Jennifer doing the impossible…

    LOL (my sister will appreciate this haha)

    Love this sisters quote....

    Sister quote

    Sisters – Quote

    When I was in elementary school, my dad tore his calf muscle. It was around Christmas so my uncle came over to put our lights up. My older sister was outside. My uncles ladder fell. Erin went to get dad very calmly. He sensed no hurry and didn't come out for awhile. Meanwhile, my uncle is hanging there for 10 minutes.

    Block me on Facebook?! I blocked you on Pinterest. Good luck finding a use for milk jug caps, loser.

    Yzma? Is that you? Lmaoooo voldemort (Harry Potter) and Yzma (the emperor's new groove). Are they related? Lol evidently. How did i miss that!? Funny

    T-Rex's have it rough

    LOOK HOW MUCH FUN WE ARE HAVING HA HA HA WE LOVE OUR FUNNY SALAD SO FUCKING MUCH HA HA HA...... I can not decide which is my favorite. I think maybe the girl laughing and eating a salad in the woods by herself, she seems real stable.

    All New Level Of Friendzone @lol_koala I don't know why this is so funny to me