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  • Kim Williams

    via The Daily Puppy (not my puppy) There were other pictures of Zara but I thought this one best describes a Jack Russell as they are rarely doing anything other than running and jumping! Puppy Breed: Jack Russell Terrier Our lovely puppy, Zora, is an energetic, curious, and loving Jack Russell Terrier that loves her big sister and mommy and the outdoors. Zora also likes to run up stairs but, unfortunately, she cannot go down (yet). In short, she is our baby and we will never stop loving her.

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Tiny Jack Russell Chihuahua mix

My Jack loves to lick the back of my ankles & calves to greet me in the morning as he follows me to the coffeepot or when I return home!

Check out our Caring for Animals collection; 7% of proceeds help find homes for adorable little guys like this one ♥

If only Bucket would fit...and stay still for more than 3 secs.

"I hope you can read my mind, because this ball is stuck in my mouth, and I would really appreciate some help getting it out. Then, once you get it out, I would like to play fetch."

Cléo, the jack russel puppy 5 by Making Magique, via Flickr

~ Oh my, our favorite silent part of the family, a wire hair. They are the sweetest! Thanks Karen! ~

I've got 2 Jack Russell Terrorists. They are always 2 steps ahead of everyone. Smartest dogs EVER!!!

Jack Russell puppy. Nicole says...Looks a lot like my little girl Betty, who made her journey home. Looking at this photo is bittersweet. So beautiful, brought tears to my eyes.