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  • Antonio Gual

    Life Magazine Cover 1922-"The Flapper" #AntonioGualforTulleNewYork #ArtDeco #JazzEra #GreatGatsby #GatsbyWedding #RoaringTwenties #Flapper #WeddingTrends #love #vintagewedding #engaged #bride #weddingdress #GeometricWeddings #ModernBride #VintageBride

  • Edilamar

    Life Magazine cover art deco

  • Gail Williams

    Art ~ Vintage Magazine Covers ~ Life Magazine Cover

  • Sheila Durfee

    Vintage Life Magazine's Flapper Butterfly A stunning gift, this Life Magazine cover from 1922 is "the Flapper" -- a woman flapper from the roaring twenties -- with incredible butterfly wings. The flapper's arms are outstretched, as if she's ready to take off into the air. The beautiful illustration is by famous magazine cover illustrator F.X. Leyendecker, for the February 2 Life Magazine cover. Leyendecker was known for his color and flamboyance in his designs, and he was a prolific artist who designed posters, magazine covers, and advertising art. . Please see more beautiful Victorian illustrated gifts at

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