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A less-than-four-minute challenge for those of you who have no time to exercise. I did it a couple times throughout the day yesterday and today I feel as though I ran a marathon. If you think you need expensive machine for a good workout, I challenge you to do this ten times in a row. ACCEPTED!

Can you do 100 consecutive pushups? Here is a six week plan to get there + links to 200 squats/sit ups.


Lose Ten Pounds

Dr. Oz's Just 10 Challenge! Just 10 | Rule #1: Cut Out Soda Period. Soda is full of caffeine and high fructose corn syrup. In addition to contributing to weight gain, soda increases your risk of diabetes, bone weakening and tooth decay. Just 10 | Rule #2: Stop Eating at Least 3 Hours Before Bed The kitchen closes 3 hours before bedtime. Schedule your dinners and eat at the table where you can be conscious of what, and how much, youre eating. Just 10 | Rule #3: Move for 10 Minute...

The Lemon Bowlfrom The Lemon Bowl

Coping With Weight Gain After Weight Loss

30 Day Plank Challenge - The Lemon Bowl

never seen a site like this... you click on the part you want to work on and it tells you easy exercises you can do at home! Awesome!

I like this idea! Tip yourself $1 each time you workout and after every 100 workouts, treat yourself to something.