william edmonds.

Rie Nakajima

Watercolor blues aqua turquoise teal

Handmade Watercolor Abstract Colorful Dots Falling Painting- 8x10 Wall Art Watercolor Print. $20.00, via Etsy.

Thank God we are all different. // Watercolor turquoise dots | Color Me Caitie, March 2014 képkeretbe, felirattal


Forest pattern, by Lu Green

http://jamesmsweeney.insanejournal.com Watercolor Dots Wrapping Paper #home #lighting #decor #interiordesign

Natascha Elizabeth | 17 | Copenhagen. Small Girl Blogging

Pink Marble surface pattern - hand marbled paper; marbled print pattern design inspiration

beautiful colourful print

Floral pattern

Pass This On by Danny Ivan

.Gorgeous mix of colours, textured, decorative print using circular structures.

water colour floral

iPhone wallpaper

Pattern/Design/Art/Illustration/inspiration rain drops

Lulu Sanchez

Unexpected color combination of leaves but still really pretty.