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The older I get the better I get about knowing who is genuine to me and who is meant to be genuine to someone else. I don't have to be friends with everyone and that's okay.

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This is me at this moment.... 4/21/2015

It's not what We have in life, But who we Have in our life That matters | Summer made this with

Typewriter Series #1015 by Tyler Knott Gregson *Chasers of the Light, is available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, IndieBound , Books-A-Million , Paper Source or Anthropologie *

Best quote I've ever read. There is so much pressure about being in your mid twenties and it's really a scary time because you don't want to " run out of time." There is so much pressure to get married, have children and rush things. Sometimes it's takes awhile to get what you want and DESERVE. Never settle and know you'll get there with the right person and in time.

There’s a lot that is good in your life—don’t take it for granted. Don’t get so focused on the struggles that you miss the gift of today. -J...

...what I can do is offer myself, wholehearted and present, to walk with the people I love through the fear and the mess. That's all any of us can do. That's what we're here for. — Shauna Niequist

Here’s to the people who try their hardest to be good enough for everyone; who spend hours reading random quotes to find the right one; who listen to the same song dozens of times because the lyrics mean a lot; who deserve so much more than they get and are willing to fight for it, and those who wished up a star, wasted on someone that will never care; and to the beautiful that feel lonely in their hearts.

happens when it happens. Need to remember to stop stressing over stuff

One Tree Hill Quote Vinyl Wall Decal

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I love my friends with all my heart and there's no doubt in my mind that I would do anything for them and they'd do the same. My friends are my family, the people I love most, they make me happy and all I want for them is to be happy too.

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Something to remember as we're all moving away and don't know when we'll see each other again

alexithymia (n.) difficulty describing feelings to other people.

Be With Who Makes You Smile

Promise me you will not spend so much time treading water and trying to keep your head above the waves that you forget, truly forget, how much you have always loved to swim. Tyler Knott Gregson

At some point you will realize that you have done too much for someone, that the only next possible step to do is to stop. Leave them alone....

by Nicholas Sparks. this really hit home

"The one person who not only finishes your sentence but keeps the book."